TODAY’S – 21 million Turks bring in less than poverty level income

21 million Turks bring in less than poverty level incomeOut of 29.3 million people who are able to work, 21 million — 72 percentandmdashearn less than TL 2,030 a month, the amount set as the poverty line for one worker in Turkey, a recent report on the Turkish labor force has revealed.

The Independent Turkish Health Care Workersand#39 Union has released a report on the Turkish labor force in light of figures from the Labor and Social Security Ministry and the Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat).According to the report, 21 million people whose monthly income is below TL 2,030 include 3 million unemployed, 345 million family workers 57 million agricultural workers, 5 million minimum wage earners and 4 million employees in the private sectorMeanwhile, Turkish insurance company, AvivaSA recently released its andldquoConsumer Saving Attitudes 2014andrdquo report following a survey of 13,000 people from 12 countries, including Turkey.

In terms of general outlook on their nationand#39s economies, France polled as the most pessimistic country with 51 percent of French people expecting the economy to deteriorate in the next 12 months. France was followed by Turkey with 45 percent.

Meanwhile, 21 percent of Turkish consumers expect their own financial wellbeing to worsen. Comparing the results to last yearand#39s report, AvivaSA CEO Meral Eredenk KurdaI stated that Turkish consumers anticipate improvement in their personal finances, but they expect the countryand#39s economy to weaken next yearAvivaSAand#39s report also revealed that 34 percent of Turkish households save part of their monthly earnings and that Turkish citizens rank number one in terms of worrying about debt.

The percentage of retired people in Turkey who are still working is 62 percent, of which 39 percent have a full-time job while 33 percent work part-time.AvivaSAand#39s survey included consumers from France, Spain, the UK, the US, China, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Turkey, Poland and Singapore.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman