TODAY’S – 100th year of Turkish cinema to be marked in Athens

100th year of Turkish cinema to be marked in AthensThe centenary year of Turkish cinema will be celebrated in Greece this month with a selection of both classical and contemporary Turkish films being screened in Athens as part of a Turkish film week.Director, screenwriter and author Tayfun PirselimoIluand#39s doppelganger drama andldquoBen O DeIilim,andrdquo (I Am Not Him), a co-production between Greece and Turkey, will open the film week, set to be held from Oct.

23 to 29 at the Greek Film Archive Film Museum andldquoI Am Not Himandrdquo was named the best film in the national feature film competition of the 33rd Istanbul Film Festival and bagged best screenplay award at the 2013 Rome Film Festival. It will get its Greece premiere as part of the film week.

The other contemporary films on the film weekand#39s program include andldquozumun Nuru,andrdquo (Eye Am), a sophomore feature by co-directors Melik SaraoIlu and HakkI KurtuluI, Ali AydInand#39s debut feature andldquoKufandrdquo (Mold), Reha Erdemand#39s andldquoKosmosandrdquo (Cosmos), andldquoYozgat Bluesandrdquo a sophomore film by Mahmut FazIl CoIkun, actor-director YIlmaz ErdoIanand#39s andldquoKelebeIin RuyasIandrdquo (The Butterflyand#39s Dream) and AtIl Inaand#39s newest film andldquoDaireandrdquo (Circle).YIlmaz Guney and Ierif Grenand#39s 1981 film andldquoYolandrdquo (The Road), the first Turkish film to win the coveted Palme dand#39Or prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 1982, AtIf YIlmazand#39s andldquoSelvi Boylum Al YazmalImandrdquo (The Girl with the Red Scarf), adapted to big screen from iconic Kyrgyz writer Cengiz Aytmatovand#39s short story andldquoThe Red Scarf,andrdquo and mer Lutfi Akadand#39s 1973 drama andldquoelin,andrdquo starring veteran actress Hulya KoyiIit, are among the classical Turkish films to be shown at the film week.

Ioray and KoyiIit will take part in question-and-answer sessions following the screening of their films to discuss Turkish cinemaThe second day of the film week will feature a meeting where KoyiIit, PirselimoIlu, Mahir GunIiray, Saadet IIIl Aksoy, Nazan Kesal, Ercan Kesal and a representative from the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism will come together to discuss the 100th year of Turkish cinema.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman