TL 22 bln spent on domestic trips in 2014

A total of TL 22 billion was spent on travel within Turkey last year, according to figures released by the Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat) on Wednesday.

The figure represents a 22.7 percent year-on-year increase. In the final quarter of 2014, TL 3.9 billion was spent on domestic travel, an 11.7 percent increase from the same period of the previous year.

A total of 11,181,000 people embarked on trips within the country during the last quarter of last year, on more than 14 million individual journeys.

In the course of 2014, people in Turkey went on more than 70 million trips, 73.3 percent of which were made for the purpose of visiting family, 9.9 percent were for health purposes and 8.6 percent were identified by travelers as “travel, leisure or holiday.” Individual voyages vastly outnumbered packaged tours, at 94.9 percent and 5.1 percent, respectively. The majority of overnight visits were for the purposes of visiting friends and family, amounting to over 59 million in total. Upwards of 14 million trips were taken by travelers who stayed in a home they own in their city of destination, while just over 5 million overnight trips involved travelers staying in hotels during the last quarter of 2014.The tourism industry is attempting to appeal to local tourists in an effort to boost business, as Turkey is expecting to see a major drop in Russian visitors throughout 2015, with Russia’s economy being hit hard by international disputes and plunging global oil prices. Russians are among the most frequent visitors to Turkey, particularly favoring the Mediterranean province of Antalya.