Three shot dead during Roma wedding in Bursa

Three gunmen opened fire and killed three attendees at a Roma wedding that took place late Sunday evening one of the victims was the president of the Roma Associations Federation, Efkan andOzandcimen.
The men came out of two vehicles that pulled up as the wedding was under way on a street in the Hacivat neighborhood.
When the men pulled out their guns, panic ensued. Nine attendees were shot and taken to ievket Yilmaz Training and Research Hospital, Muradiye State Hospital and andcekirge State Hospital.
andOzandcimen, who was a preliminary candidate under the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) ticket, died in the hospital. One woman and child also lost their lives.
After the incident, police squads investigated the area and found two of the assailants hidden behind bushes, still carrying their weapons, in the Doganevler neighborhood. The two were immediately taken into custody. The third gunmanand’s identity has yet to be determined.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman