Thousands of students deprived of education due to 11-day curfew in Silvan

Thousands of students cannot go to schools due to the ongoing intense clashes between the Turkish securnalist Abdullah Bozkurt, Erdogan juggled with the Rabia sign when his government came under fire for negotiating with armed terrorist group the Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK).
and”His speeches are also accompanied by carefully rehearsed dramatic gestures to interact with the audience. For example, he used the Rabia sign, meaning four or the fourth in Arabic, which has become synonymous with the anti-coup protests in Egypt for months, following the ouster of Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi from the power by the military. When his government came under fire for negotiations with armed terrorist group the Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK), sparking fears of secession in Turkey, he quickly revised that sign to mean one nation, one language, one state and one flag,and” Bozkurt wrote in his Todayand’s Zaman column in July of last year.
Associate Professor at Fatih University Savai Genandc told Sundayand’s Zaman no matter if Erdogan makes the four-finger Rabia salute or dons the Palestinian shawl, the president is mainly concerned with gaining the support of the Turkish public who are sensitive to this issue, rather than seriously taking single concrete steps concerning the situation in the region.
and”By flashing the four-finger Rabia sign at every opportunity he gets, he brings amazing joy to his supporters. The public is extremely sensitive to issues in the Arab world and Erdogan is very skillful in transforming this sensitivity into votes. The majority of Turks see Erdogan as the hero of the Egyptian and Palestinian people. Erdogan knows that and is playing politics,and” Genandc stated.

Mustafa Varank, a senior aide to the president, posted a photo showing Erdoganandrsquos talk with Obama on the phone on Nov 10.


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