Those who violate the requirements of religious propaganda and ceremonies will be punished in Azerbaijan

Baku: Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on 5 December 2015 has signed a decree on approval of the Law “On Amendments to the Criminal Code of the Azerbaijan Republic”, APA reports.

The new article 168-1 added to the Criminal Code reflects the penalties for violation of the requirements of religious propaganda, rites and ceremonies.

According to the article, conducting rites and ceremonies of the Islamic religion on the part of the Azerbaijani citizens who have received religious education abroad, shall be punished by a fine of from 2000 to 5000 AZN or imprisonment for up to 1 year.

Also, for carrying out religious propaganda by a foreign national or a stateless person shall be apply a penalty of imprisonment from 1 year to 2 years.

In addition, in the case of a repetition of these actions, as well as conduct on the part included in the arrangement by group of persons or organized group, shall be apply penalty of imprisonment from 2 years to 5 years.