This year student admission to some universities in Azerbaijan suspended – Seats for part-time education was reduced by 77 percent

Baku: By the decision of the Education Commission under the President of Azerbaijan, the plans of student admission to Azerbaijan’s universities for bachelor’s, master’s and residency degrees, and specialized secondary schools for the academic year 2015-2016 have been approved.

The Ministry of Education told APA that compared to the previous academic year, 39 497 seats (11 799 of them being state-ordered) were determined for the next academic year by the admission plan for bachelor’s degree being increased by 4.6 percent. The planned seats for part-time education were reduced 77 percent. Instead, the student admission to full-time education was increased. Admission to teaching specialties on part time education has not been planned.

The state-ordered planned seats for economics and management, humanitarian and social, health, welfare and service specialty groups were decreased, and instead, state-ordered seats for education, technical and technological specialties were increased.

Student admission plan to private higher education institutions was increased by 6.1percent compared to last year (6 548 seats). According to the appeal of Baku Asia University, no admission is planned to this university. Azerbaijan Institute of Teachers appealed not to admit students to Gazakh and Zagatala branches of the university.

During the discussions, the Commission adopted the proposal of the Education Ministry and decided that the applicants with a total score over the figures determined for these specialties – Geology (300), Computer Science (300), Electronics, Telecommunications and Radio Engineering (250), information technology and systems engineering (250), Civil Engineering (250), Transport Construction Engineering (250) can participate in the competition. The list of specialties will be increased in the coming years.

No seat was allocated to master’s degree having no bachelor’s degree. 6 492 seats were allocated to mater’s degree this year (2 522 state-ordered specialties). 15 061 seats were allocated to specialized secondary educational institutions.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency