Third airport CEO admits ‘inevitable’ destruction of nature

Destruction of natural areas is unavoidable when carrying out development projects but the aim is to minimize such losses, Yusuf Akandcayoilu, the CEO of the upcoming third airport operator iGA Havalimani iiletmesi has said, validating protracted criticism that the project has damaged the environment.
In her Sunday column in the Cumhuriyet daily, andciidem Toker mentioned a recent interview she had conducted with Akandcayoilu. When Toker asked for his feelings about the third airport projectand’s negative impacts on forests, Akandcayoilu said: and”Wherever you do business across the world, civilization [projects] have aerse effects on nature. This is inevitable. The thing is to minimize the losses. When you carry out a project in a desert, you will end up cutting cactuses and killing lizards. You need to afforest somewhere else and compensate [the losses].
and”We have already made a commitment to plant as many trees as are being uprooted,and” Akandcayoilu added.
According to the Environmental Impact Analysis (andcED) report prepared earlier by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, 80 percent of the area on which the airport is to be built is forested, more than 657,000 trees will have to be felled and air pollution will increase considerably if the airport is built at the planned location.