Thermal springs give a great deal of enjoy to water buffaloes in Eastern Turkey

MUS: Thermal springs lying between eastern Turkish provinces of Bitlis’ Guroymak District and Mus’s Haskoy District became an attracting point for buffaloes which enjoy with that.

With the arrival of the harsh winter conditions, thermal springs became a haunt not only for people but also water buffaloes which feels great deal of joy.

With 40 degrees Celsius water temperature, thermal springs become essential also the breeders who bring water buffaloes to keep clean also so as not them stuck in their cattle shed due to the excessive cold weather conditions.

As the temperatures saw -15 Celsius in the region, along with their livestock breeders too enjoy hot springs which present them highly comfortable enjoy under thick snow layers and freezing weather.

Muhammed Acar, a breeder said every winter, they bring their water buffaloes to the hot springs.

“We are washing them here then bring back to their cattle shed. Buffaloes and horses stay four hour in the water,” added Acar.