The price of a coalition with the AKP

Coalition is the main discussion in Ankara now. Politicians talk about coalition options among political parties but in fact, there are not many choices. The Justice and Development Party (AKP) must be a part of the coalition options.
As I noted before the elections, the AKP has to stay in power. Most recently, Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinandc noted this. The AKP has to remain in power because otherwise, they will be prosecuted over their corruption and illegal acts. The AKP will lose by 10 percent in the next elections if one corruption file — that does not have to the Dec. 17 file, even the file on the expenses of the Ak Saray would be sufficient — is reopened. Once this is done, there will be no trace of this party. Many deputies will resign because serving in such a corrupt party would mean the end of a political career. Thus, the AKP has to remain in power. So this means that the AKP will not allow others to form a coalition government which does not include the AKP. They will try hard to be part of a government. Therefore, I think that all coalition options which do not include the AKP are not realistic. When it comes to a coalition with the AKP: The AKP will use the coalition partner as a shield to cover up all its corruption and illegal actions over the last 13 years. For this reason, forming a coalition government with the AKP is a gravely flawed decision. A party which will make a coalition with the AKP actually endorses the following: 1- It means that it endorses the bribe money Iranian businessman Reza Zarrab gave the ministers 2- It endorses the money stashed in shoe boxes, steel safes and others 3- It endorses the TL 700,000 watch of former Economy Minister Zafer andcailayan 4- It endorses former Interior Minister Efkan Ala, who violated the Constitution to arrest journalists 5- It endorses former EU Affairs Minister Egemen Baiii, who mocked verses of Quran 6- It endorses the luxury car of the president of the religious affairs directorate 7- It endorses the violation of the Constitution by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who did not act impartially during the election campaign 8- It endorses all the waste and unnecessary expenses at the AK Saray, the TL 1,000 glasses, marble imported from Italy, trees from Germany and private stud farm 9- It endorses the ultra lux apartments in iehrizar Condominiums 10- The money whose source cannot be identified 11- Illegal villas in Urla 12- Pressure upon journalists 13- Arrest and intimidation of journalists 14- Blackmailing businessmen 15- Money in a pool used for pro-government media outlets 16- It endorses the legality of the vessels of Bilal and Burak Erdogan 17- It endorses the fleets of ships of former minister Binali Yildirimand’s sons as legitimate 18- It accepts that the railway tender bids are transparent and there was no corruption in that process 19- It endorses the insults published in the pro-government media outlets 20- The illegal order in pro-government media 21- The nepotism in the AKP 22- The money transferred to the Foundation of Youth and Education in Turkey (TanduRGEV), the buildings and funds illegally transferred to this foundation 23- Erdoganand’s illegal acts gain attractive lands 24- It endorses the destruction of all values and the skyline of Istanbul 25- Cursing and humiliating the nation 26- Kicking the miners in Soma 27- Killing Berkin Elvan and then booing his mother 28- Police violence in Gezi 29- TOMA and its tenders 30- The arrest of the police officers who went after corruption 31- The arrest of judges for their decisions 32- Trucks transporting weapons to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) 33- Weapons transported to ISIL and al-Qaeda 34- Prosecution of the prosecutors who stopped ISIL trucks 35- Oslo talks A party which forms a coalition with the AKP will endorse these and many other illegalities that cannot be mentioned here due to space constraints. If a party takes such a huge risk, it should at least ask for critical ministries in the government. If this is done, then it will be able to tell its supporters that it will be able to become very influential in the government. It should prosecute at least some of the items I cited above. Otherwise, that party will lose serious support in the next election because the AKP support base already endorses these illegalities and they vote for this party despite them.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman