The final century of normal human domination

It is during this first quarter of the 21st century that we have begun to experience the first stage of the destruction of humanity. One continuing factor in this first stage is that reality and manmade cyber reality have begun to resemble each other more and more. And sadly, the more similar reality and cyber-reality become, the more young people — distanced from a sense of what reality really is — have been committing suicide.
Individualism, living in the moment, a sense of not caring — all this is on the rise. At the same time, elements such as family, familial relationships, friendship, honesty and empathy are all fading away. The spotlight is shifting from the family unit to the individual. And people are being pushed into a range of confusing, chaotic choices when it comes to food, drink, and even sexuality. Open encouragement for not reproducing — and for homosexuality — is being given. This casts the future of the species into question.
It is during the 22nd century that the second stage of this journey will unfold. During the second stage, reality and cyber reality will become truly intertwined. This will open the path to the strengthening of human organs such as the brain, eyes and ears with computer chips and mechanical devices. And as humans become more machine-like, robots will be able to think more like humans. Step by step, humans and robots will begin to resemble one another more and more all this will be made possible by the increased intertwining of reality with cyber-created reality.
Looking ahead to the 23rd century, it seems clear that thinking robots will be the cheap, obedient servants of global capitalism. They will be employed in all sorts of service sectors, as laborers, farmers, engineers, doctors, bankers, soldiers and so on. In the meantime, humans with financial means to do so will become more and more machine-like, starting to resemble the robots that serve all around them. These humans will be able to think, retain information, run faster, see further and hear better than ever before. And in this way, we will have transitioned into a new world, one where robot-like people with means will control thinking, serving robots.
The proliferation of robot-like people and thinking robots will, of course, bring deep-rooted changes in legal and justice systems. All sorts of new laws and legal concepts will emerge, involving factors like trying criminal (thinking) robots in court, or the repair andor production of thinking robots, or even protecting the continuation of the human race in the face of the proliferation of so many robots. After all, hearts are muscles. But when you give a heart a soul, it becomes a living, human heart. Will these thinking robots of the future possess souls or emotions? In other words, will this ability to think include the ability to feel and to have a spirit? These are the new sorts of questions humans will face.
From the 24th century onwards, while normal people (without extraordinary financial means) will be able to use only less than 10 percent of their brain capacity, the robot-like people with financial means — not to mention the thinking robots — will be constantly increasing their capacities for intelligence. This being the case, a chasm-like difference will emerge between the intelligence capacity and abilities of normal humans and the robot-like humans and thinking robots around them. This will, in turn, have a serious and deleterious effect on the lives and futures of normal humans.
In the penultimate fifth stage of this journey into the future, when the intelligence quotient dividing normal humans from the robot-like humans and the thinking robots around them becomes immeasurably huge, normal humans will be destroyed once and for all.
And when the final, sixth stage arrives, there will begin to be a real difference in the intelligence capacities of robot-like humans and thinking robots, with the latter becoming stronger. And it is then that the thinking robots will begin the elimination of the owners of global capitalism and all its fruits, the robot-like humans.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman