The CHP’s mega project

Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kiliandcdaroilu presented on Thursday a mega project called and”Turkey Center.and”
The project involves establishing an ambitious international logistics center in Anatolia aiming to facilitate trade for regional countries. Besides modern storage and packaging facilities, the mega center will also be an industrial zone as well as a center of know-how production with the establishment of a university and RD facilities. Construction of the mega center will take 20 years and when it is completed in 2035, a new city of 3 million will emerge in the heart of Turkey employing 2.2 million workers.
According to estimates by the project team, this mega center needs an investment of $200 billion over 20 years — $40 billion will be spent from the public budget for the infrastructure destined to rapidly and efficiently connect the logistics center with regional countries. The remaining $160 billion will be invested by local and international companies. An average of approximately $10 billion in additional investment annually is not a lot of money since the annual amount of investment in the Turkish economy is actually around $160 billion. Kiliandcdaroilu also said in his presentation that contributions by the European Investment Bank as well as the Asian Development Bank will be sought.
The question is, of course, what exactly is the purpose of this mega project deemed by the CHP as the and”project of the centuryand” (!) and why a great number of foreign companies would like to be involved in it. The arguments of the CHP can be summarized as follows: Turkey has an exceptional geographical aantage. If a circle with a radius of four-and-a-half hours flight time is calculated from Turkey, 58 countries with a total gross domestic product (GDP) of $21 trillion can be placed in this circle. Turkey can thus become a logistics center for international trade if this center is endowed with efficient, low-cost storage as well as all kinds of packaging facilities. Kiliandcdaroilu gave a striking example during his presentation. According to him, transporting cargo from Shanghai to Baku takes 55 days whereas this shipping would only take 15 hours if the Chinese exporter is part of the logistics center and thus able to react rapidly to a request from Baku.
Moreover, the CHP claims transport costs would be lowered by 15 to 20 percent if the Anatolian logistics center is used. One of the factors in this respect would be the absence of bureaucracy in this center. Another one is, of course, the efficiency of the facilities and the transportation network. A pleasing aspect of the international logistics center is that the CHP promises to produce the electricity exclusively by solar and wind energies. Kiliandcdaroilu said there will be a rush among companies to be placed in this logistics center.
To be frank I am not an expert in logistics issues. Thus, I cannot comment properly on its feasibility. In addition I did not understand precisely what an and”absence of bureaucracyand” means. However, I am sure the CHPand’s mega project is in any case much more relevant and definitely more useful than the famous and”Kanal Istanbuland” project of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) that is supposed to create an alternative maritime channel to the Bosporus between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara.
The AKP, proud of its mega projects, has repeatedly asked the CHP, and”Where are your projects?and” The CHP has responded by saying, and”Here it is.and” Considering the confused reactions of AKP leaders to the CHP mega project, one may conclude that the objective has been reached, given the electoral context. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoilu says a similar project was already included in his book about Turkeyand’s strategic role in the world. So he is admitting the relevance of the project but accusing the CHP of copying him. On the other hand Deputy Prime Minister Yalandcin AkDogan has deemed the CHP project the and”smoke of the century.and” a

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman