TGDF: Food producers won’t raise prices for Ramadan

Turkeyand’s food and beverage industry is not expected to increase prices during the holy month of Ramadan, Federation of Turkish Food and Drink Industry Associations (TGDF) President iemsi Kopuz said at a press conference on Thursday.
Kopuz said that the industry would not implement price hikes prior to Ramadan and would not allow opportunists to do so prior to the holy month, emphasizing that prices were already higher than normal due to drought and frost that have plagued harvests since the beginning of the year.
and”There are speculators who wish to reap immense profits from the blight that we have lived through. This is wrong,and” said Kopuz, emphasizing that such speculators toying with prices prior to Ramadan would not be tolerated within the industry.
Although recent figures from the UNand’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) show world food prices in April at their lowest since June 2010, figures from the Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat) and the central bank indicate that food prices in Turkey rose 14.36 year-on-year during the month of April. High food prices were the primary factor in the disappointingly high inflation that the country experienced for much of 2014.
and”Whereas we used to ask, andlsquoWill we be able to find enough food and drink to buy during Ramadan?and’, weand’ve come to the point where every year the question of andlsquoWill there be price hikes during Ramadan?and’ is on our minds,and” Kopuz added.
Despite the extremely harmful environmental factors that dealt particularly harsh blows to certain parts of the industry this year and throughout 2014, Kopuz reiterated that the industry as a whole continues to grow year after year.
and”We are producing enough food for the 75 million people living in the country, as well as the 30 million tourists who come annually. We even produce enough exports to feed 1 billion people, an amount valued at $12 billion,and” Kopuz said.