Terrorists kidnap 15 high school students in eastern Turkey

DIYARBAKIR (CIHAN)- On Sunday, the parents and relatives of 15 high school students launched a sit-in protest in DiyarbakIr, claiming that the students had been kidnapped by the PKK.

According to news reports, members of the terrorist group took the students on a picnic on April 23 but the students have not returned to their homes since then. Erol Böçkun, the father of 15-year-old M.S.B., said that he has no idea where his son is. “They may have killed my son. How can they kidnap a 15-year-old boy to recruit [him to the PKK]?” he asked.

Böçkun also claimed that some pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy (BDP) officials spoke to PKK members to persuade them to allow the kidnapped boys to return to their families, but the terrorist group refused to comply.