‘Terror investigation’ launched against striking workers

A and”terror investigationand” has been launched against a number of workers that joined picket lines last month in protests demanding better pay from major automakers in the province of Bursa, according to a report in the Handurriyet daily on Tuesday.
The investigation was opened by the Bursa Public Prosecutorand’s Office under the guise of and”aiding and abetting a terrorist organization.and” The report did not specify which workers from which factories were under investigation.
The Bursa Counterterrorism Unit subsequently summoned the workers, who were questioned as to why they walked off the job and whether or not they were intending to form a new labor union. One question referenced the outlawed Communist Workersand’ Party of Turkey (TKiP), claiming that the party was present in all factories in Bursa, and sought to determine whether or not workers had information regarding the TKiPand’s initiatives. The TKiP is classified as a terrorist organization by the Turkish state.
Workers from major automakers such as Renault, Ford and Tofai picketed their factories, demanding a wage increases last month. The Renault strike lasted two weeks before workers came to an agreement with the factory administration.
The widespread strikes tossed a wrench in the works of Turkeyand’s automotive production industry, which accounts for a large segment of the countryand’s exports. The loss in production sustained during the strike played a major role in driving exports down 19 percent last month, while automotive exports careened downward by 27.4 percent.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman