Terrible accident causing South African actor to have killed caught on dashcam

PRETORIA: South African actor and musician Thabang Sidloyi lost his life in a traffic accident, which was caused by excessive speed was caught on dashcam.

Thabang Sidloyi, 27, had an accident, which was triggered by excessive speed on N2 highway in Pretoria have caused enormous sorrow among his fans and across the African continent. In the video it is seen that a luxury car, Sidloyi was journeying on passenger sit in it, crashing a car then hitting a wall just near the road with an excessive speed. With the impact of the crashing, Sidloyi popping out from the car which was carrying four people at the time of the accident.

While driver and two other passengers sustained light injuries, Sidloyi lost his life in the accident. Sidloyi is widely known with his successful performance in the film of “The Good Man”