Taxi drivers lays black wreath to the Israeli consulate

ANKARA (CIHAN)- A group of taxi drivers laid a black wreath in front of Israeli consulate in Turkish capital of Ankara as a protest to Israeli brutal military offensives to Gaza strip.

Gathering in front of Israeli consulate, Ankara Artisans Chamber of Drivers and Vehicle Owners members protested Israel for bloody attacks to Gaza. Drivers opened banners that read “Killer Israel what is the guilty of mothers”, “We fiercely condemn baby-killer Israel” and left a black wreath to the door of the consulate.

Making a statement on behalf the protesting group, Deputy Chairman of drivers’ chamber Izzet YIldIrIm said that they have gathered here to say ‘Stop’ to the humanity shame which is being encountered in the Middle East. YIldIrIm also added that Israeli offences on the innocent and unarmed people and ignorance of the entire world will go down in history as a black mark.

After reading of the statement, protesting taxi drivers chanted slogans for a while and left the scene.