Tajikistani delegation notes MoL control policies to combat human trafficking

DUBAI: A delegation from the Republic of Tajikistan has recently visited the Ministry of Labour (MoL) in Dubai seeking knowledge about their strategy and plans for tuning and regulating the labour market.

They were also keen on learning the Ministry’s initiatives to stabilise the labour market and protect the rights and interests of both parties, employees and business owners, and balance the relationship between them.

The delegation was led by Colonel Abdullah-Zoda Ahtam, Tajikistan’s Head of the Defence and Law Enforcement Department and Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking. The delegation also included members from the Tajikistan President’s Executive Office.

Essa Al-Zarouni, Director of the Inspection Department at the MoL’s office in Dubai, with Ibtisam Al-Souqi, Director of the International Relations Office at the Ministry, welcomed the guests, and stressed the importance of organising visits like these in a way to promote and strengthen cooperation and relations between the two countries, mainly in labour market matters, in addition to exchanging general experiences.

During the meeting, the delegation watched a short-film about the Wage Protection System (WPS) and its importance in stabilising the labour market, particularly in labour rights protection, as it ensures their monthly salary transfer.

Al- Zarooni explained the Ministry’s efforts to counter-Human Trafficking, saying that they’ve established a specialized department that monitors any indicators to such crimes against poor labourers, stressing the importance of cooperation between concerned authorities in the country in order to protect workers from any forms of human trafficking.

He also reviewed the types of employment contracts issued by the Ministry of Labour as well as their documentation mechanisms that support preserving labour rights while keeping a stable relation with the employer, according to those contracts.

Houriya Al-Zarooni, also from the Inspection Department in Dubai, gave a presentation on the activities carried out by the Ministry to educate workers, mentioning that the ministry has set 10 labour care units near labour housing camps across U.A.E. in addition to a mobile unit that was developed to reach workers in remote areas. These units provide lectures, special events and recreational activities aimed at educating workers, moreover, it notes labourers inquiries and complaints in complete privacy.

She also reviewed the Ministry’s major decision to stop work in the middle of the day during the summer season, which is a huge relief to labourers to escape harmful sun rays while working in open spaces, mentioning that this tribute has many international recognitions.

For his part, the head and members of the Tajikistani delegation praised all the efforts made by the U.A.E. to stabilise and regulate the labour market, especially towards the protection of labour and human rights by putting in place certain legislation and policies, saying that the delegation noted the adoption of such practices and initiatives to better develop these sectors.


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