Sweden hosts conference on Azerbaijan

Stockholm has hosted a conference on “Azerbaijan in changeable region” organized by the Azerbaijani embassy in Sweden.

The event brought together members of the “Foreign Press Association” Organization and saw speeches by Jewish Expert on International Relations Arye Gut, Director of the Institute for Security and Development Policy Svante Cornell.

Azerbaijani Ambassador to Sweden Adish Mammadov provided an insight into independence history of the country, as well as its role in policy of the region.

On democratic traditions, the ambassador stated, “The first Democratic Republic in the East was established in Azerbaijan.”

The envoy highlighted Azerbaijan`s role in ensuring the energy security of Europe. He expressed regret over the fact that international community demonstrated double standards with regard to Azerbaijan.

Svante Cornell, in turn, said Azerbaijan played a key role for European countries.

On tolerance traditions in Azerbaijan the Swedish scientist spoke about the progress achieved by the country in the relevant field.

Arye Gut delivered a presentation about Azerbaijan. The expert highlighted peacefully living representatives of various ethnic groups, as well as different religions in Azerbaijan.

On occupation of Azerbaijan`s 20 per cent lands by Armenia, the expert spoke about the violence of the norms of international norms.

Arye Gut provided an insight into the history of the Khojaly genocide.

The participants were distributed “Azerbaijan since its independence” book by Svante Cornell, as well as booklets and CDs on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, materials on Azerbaijan`s socio-economic development.