Sviatlana Makshtareva: European Games serious competition for me

By: Amina Nazarli

Sviatlana Makshtareva is a promising Azerbaijani gymnast who performs on a trampoline. Together with Sabina Zaitseva she will represent the country at the European Games to be held in Baku this summer.

Following the format of the competition, four sets of medals – in individual and synchronized events will be played among the trampoline gymnasts. The strongest of the strongest will fight for the medals.

The Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation interviewed Sviatlana, keen to find out how she is preparing and get to know her a little more — her hopes, her life, her likes and dislikes.

Question – How did you turn to gymnastics? Why did you choose this sport?

Sviatlana: I got involved in gymnastics by accident. I had just started school and Vladimir Shulikin and Lydia Bolotnikova, who became my coaches, saw some of my lessons. They recruited a few children, I was one of them and they invited us back to their classes.

Question – Have you tried other sports? Did you display talent in other disciplines?

S: Maybe I could try other sports. I always watched my sister’s workout, emulating her secretly.

Question – How do you deal with your emotions during competitions? Do you have any special tricks or techniques to help you stay in control?

S: Of course, I am usually worried on competition’ days. However, for me the most important thing is when my coach is near. It is a great support.

Question – What is the key to success in any sport?

S: Perseverance, character and self-confidence.

Question – How dangerous is it to be engaged in professional sports, or does it depend on the sport?

S: It depends on the type of sports. Trampoline is a discipline of complex coordination, where injuries could happen.

Question – Do you have a sport’s idol?

S: I do not have any idol.

Question – Tell us about your plans for the near future.

S: I think about the European Games. We are preparing for them now. Then the World Championships will come, where we will compete for the license for the Olympics in Rio.

Question – What do the European Games mean for you and how do you prepare for them?

S: The European Games is a serious competition for me. I think about it every day, as my country will host it. I want to perform well and not fail.

Question – If we move a little bit away from sport – do you have any aspirations or dreams that you want to achieve?

S: Of course, I have. A sports career is not eternal. We have to think about the future.

Question – Are you able to combine sport with normal life?

S: For me, sports and everyday life is the same thing.

Question – Tell us about your family.

S: My family is very athletic. All, except my father, were engaged in sports. Mother was engaged in athletics, and my sister in gymnastics.

Question – Do you have a loved one?

S: Yes, but it’s personal.

Question – What do your fans usually shout, and what do you want to hear from them?

S: I do not hear shouting. Before performance, I shrink into myself. At this point, there is only my trampoline, my coach and me.

Question – What would you like to tell them?

S: Thank you very much for your support.

SOURCE: Azer News