Suspicious trucks alarms Ankara

A suspicious truck having no front plate and it was determined that its rare plate also belong to another vehicle alarmed police in Turkish capital city of Ankara.

Incident took place when traffic police officer who was patrolling on Yasamkent and Guney belt highways realized a parked truck at 00:30 on Saturday. Taking the road security traffic policemen conducted an investigation and determined that truck has no front plate and its rare plate belong to another vehicle. Despite all inspections, police officers did not manage to reach the owner of the truck.

Upon the call of the traffic policemen, traffic specialist arrived at the scene and made some further investigation under the truck and its truck haulage. After completion of the investigation specialists was not found any negation.

At the some moments, a suspicious package was noticed at Yildiz Junction in Cankaya District and bomb disposal units were dispatched to the scene.

Soon later the suspicious package was detonated by the bomb squad, it was determined the package was empty.