Survey shows Black Sea province’s people are happiest

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- According to Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat) data, the Black Sea province of Sinop is the happiest province in Turkey and the southeastern province of Tunceli is the unhappiest.

In TurkStat’s “Life Satisfaction Survey,” which was released on Monday, some 196,000 people over the age of 18 were asked questions on their state of happiness, and 59 percent of respondents revealed themselves to be happy.

Provinces that followed Sinop in happiness include Afyon in the west and Bayburt in the northeast.

Married people are happier than those who are single, according to the survey, and the happiest married people are in Sinop, too. The unhappiest married people are in Tunceli.

The survey has also revealed what makes people happy. Seventy-three percent of people listed a source of happiness as being their family, and 68 percent said “being healthy” also makes them happy.

A total of 75 percent of people are happy with the health services provided by the country, and Isparta is the province with the happiest people in terms of health services. Hakkari is the unhappiest in those terms.

In terms of education, the survey shows that 70 percent of people are happy with the education system in Turkey. Afyon is the happiest province when it comes to education, while Hakkari is the unhappiest in these terms as well.

People who described themselves as happy with public transportation services provided by municipalities are at 64 percent when it comes to transportation, the Anatolian province of Karaman is the happiest of all provinces and Hakkari is, again, the unhappiest

Also, 37 percent of people think that European Union membership will have a positive effect on their lifestyles.

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