Supreme court prosecutor files criminal complaint against Akit TV

Clashes have erupted between Turkish soldiers and militants of the terrorist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) on Turkeyand’s southern border, during which four terrorists were killed.
The General Staff announced on Saturday that four ISIL militants were killed on the Syrian side of the border in Gaziantepand’s Oiuzeli district after it came under attack by the militants. Local media have reported that the number of ISIL militants killed during the clashes is six.
The incident occurred after two cars belonging to the extremist group approached a Turkish armored vehicle in Oiuzeli. When ordered to halt, the militants responded by firing shells. Returning fire, Turkish security forces killed four ISIL fighters in the first vehicle, while an unknown number in the second car fled.
After the shooting, reinforcements of soldiers and armored vehicles were sent to the border in case of further attacks by ISIL. The troops are patrolling the border and waiting for the group to take away the bodies of the dead militants and the vehicle lying on the ground on the other side of the border.
According to the Dogan news agency, the suicide attack was carried out by Halil ibrahim Durgun, the driver of one of the vehicles that carried the suicide bombers of the Ankara attacks.
Durgun drove two suicide bombers from Gaziantep to Ankara on Oct. 10. The two men blew themselves up at the central train station in Ankara, killing 102 people.
ISIL controls swathes of Syrian territory abutting Turkeyand’s Syrian frontier, where there are periodic clashes. One Turkish soldier is thought to be held by the group after going missing during a clash in September.
The group on Saturday claimed responsibility for a series of bomb and gun attacks in Paris that has left at least 127 people dead.
Turkey stepped up its fight against the militants in July when it began launching air strikes against the group and opened its air bases to US-led coalition war planes.
Since then, Turkey has been hit by two bomb attacks linked to ISIL, killing more than 130 people.
h2Nine detained during nationwide raids on ISILh2 Nine individuals believed to be linked to ISIL were detained during raids in different locations in Ankara and Gaziantep.
The Dogan news agency said police late on Saturday led a raid on a suspected hideout used by ISIL members in Gaziantep.
An explosion occurred when the police broke down the door of a fifth-floor apartment. Five police officers were injured in an explosion during the raid.
The Gaziantep Governorand’s Office announced on Sunday that police officers were attacked by militants inside the apartment. Five police officers were injured after a militant carried out a suicide attack.
The office also said two women were detained in the raid, while three children were taken into state protection. Police seized explosive materials and several machine guns.
The raid came hours after Turkish soldiers clashed with ISIL militants, who fired at them near Gaziantep. It was not clear if the two incidents were connected.
Further detentions were made in the border province of Kilis on Sunday. According to the General Staff, the soldiers took into custody six ISIL members who tried to enter Turkey illegally.
In Adanaand’s Seyhan district, six Indonesian women who were suspected of heading to Syria to join ISIL were captured by police officers on Sunday. The police launched an operation after being tipped off that six foreigners staying at a hotel in Seyhan would join ISIL and that a Turkish citizen was helping them. The suspects were captured when they were about to leave for Syria. The women were taken to the Directorate of Migration Management in Adana after a health check.


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