Stuffed in hay sacks 115 kg marijuana seized in Southern Turkey

MERSIN: Roughly 115 kg of marijuana were seized in stuffed sacks in semi-trailer truck (TIR) in a narcotic operation carried out by Turkish police in southern Turkish province of Mersin on Monday.

Act in tip-off Turkish narcotic teams stopped a semi-trailer truck, in which police seized 115 kg of marijuana in a hay sacks and two suspected were taken into custody. Police made the TIR under X- ray check in Mersin Harbor and found marijuana with the help of detective dog Ira.

According to the information, which was given by the police that, during the operation carried out between the dates of December 10-14 2014 at around 126 kg and 16 gram marijuana, 2.8 kg cocaine?

67 ecstasy tablet, 0,9 gram heroin were seized. In the same period at least 21 people were taken into custody. After completing their questioning 12 out of 21 were taken under arrest.