Stuck under overturned car driver dies in Ankara

A car, which passed over the green area and jumped to the opposite line, overturned after being tumbled down in Ankara on Saturday. The driver of the car died at scene.

The accident took place in Altindag-Akkopru junction at around 04:00 a.m. Entering the junction from the Samsun highway, 06 DY 2376 plated car was lost the steering control by an unknown reason. The car, which could fail to negotiate the bend, moved straight and ploughed into opposite line, by passing the green area.

The police, fire fighter and health units were sent to the scene. After the long time taking efforts, the units could barely take the driver out of the car. Despite the all medical interventions, the driver lost his life.

The dead body of the man was taken to the morgue of the hospital. Since any identity card was not found with the driver, police units held the inspection on scene.

An investigation was launched into the incident.