Stop wallowing in the mire

No election is a life-and-death battle.
Those who indulge in all sorts of corrupt practices, having grown oblivious to the raison dand’etre of elections, are ruining their lives in this world and the next.
What do elections mean? Politicians claim that they can manage the budget — collected with the taxes we pay — in the best way and provide the best services to citizens. Citizens have to look at partiesand’ or candidatesand’ programs before voting for a specific party or candidate.
However, some politicians and their partisan followers tend to portray elections as a matter of life and death. Thus, some of them may go even further to resort to ignoble methods such as lies, slander and smear campaigns. However, winning an election is never more precious than human dignity or social peace. It is a gross error to manufacture andquotinternal enemiesandquot or declare a portion of the nation as andquottraitorsandquot in an effort to mobilize oneand’s supporters and win an election. History will never forgive those who make this error. It never has done.
Winning an election by breaking peopleand’s hearts is not something desirable. An election victory means nothing if society is polarized and people are antagonized against each other to that end. If you become victorious at the polls by charging innocent people with offenses so that your offenses are covered up, that victory will do no good to you.
This country is characterized by a frenzy to engineer the political scene. What we face today is a political strategy ruthlessly implemented by those who sacrifice the achievements of a century-old cause to their personal ambitions. There is also the morbid fascination with this destructive method of unlawfulness. The slogan andquotKicks and faults are allowed to win the gameandquot has been translated into the philosophy andquotTell lies and spread hatred to win the election.andquot Winning justifies everything! Is that so? What about the suspension of the issues that are main areas of responsibility for politicians? What about those politicians who are wallowing in the mire of hatred and hostility? What about pushing conscience and feelings of mercy aside to tyrannize a specific social group?
What a pity! They tell lies on purpose. They oppress people in an audacious breach of the law. They define perfectly innocent people as members of a terrorist organization. They pour hatred for their fanatical supporters by manufacturing some fanciful enemies. This attitude violates both Islamic and humanitarian values. It is not worth anything, believe me! Every human being is considered the most dignified of all creatures, and the heart of every human being is regarded like the Kaaba. Winning an election with lies and slanders will not be of any benefit to you or this country. You are extremely arrogant and have been taken prisoner by your lust for government and you have become ignorant of other peopleand’s rights. Think about this: Having sinned so grossly and elicited the revenge of so many victims and broken so many hearts, you will get no benefit from winning any election. Indeed, you are a loser even if you win, like all other oppressors.
h2The danger for the judiciary, the media and Turkeyh2
Ankara Public Prosecutor Serdar andcoikun sent a letter to the Turkish Satellite Communications Company (Tandurksat) demanding that it stop providing satellite broadcasting services for certain TV networks. It is a perfect scandal! The prosecutor does not have any such authority. He has no right to refer to certain people as members of a terrorist organization without any finalized court decision. He has violated the Constitution. Many binding provisions of the Constitution guarantee freedom of the press. Moreover, a prosecutor cannot issue orders to bureaucrats in this manner.
To our dismay, many prosecutors, judges, police chiefs and public officials have recently started to overstep their powers and authorities and commit crimes by doing so. This applies to certain pro-government yes-men. In line with their instructions from above, they have been attacking the Zaman newspaper, Samanyolu TV, the ipek Group and the Dogan Group. They are so arrogant and furious that they describe all dissident media outlets as andquotterroristsandquot and argue that certain newspapers and TV networks must be confiscated. They are a corrupt lot. They donand’t care about laws or peopleand’s rights and they donand’t have any ethics or morality. They want this country to be ruled by the law of the jungle.
Still, they portray themselves as Muslims. In Islam, it is forbidden for a Muslim to acquire the property of another Muslim without due process. Thus, confiscation is forbidden and is a tradition from the Age of Ignorance, the dark period before the aent of Islam. Suppose you no longer care about Islamic rules in your quest to deceive people for their votes. If this is so, you should go and consult secular laws. Any person could tell you that under the Constitution, it is impossible to confiscate the media. If you abuse the laws by working around them, your crime will be bigger.
If you urge prosecutors and judges to engage in such an aenture, then know that any pressure on the media will spell the end of Turkey. You cannot obtain the desired effect. The free media will never be silenced. In the meantime, the economy will collapse because there is no security of property for anyone. If those incompetent hatchet men who lack any foresight seek Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacanand’s aice on this matter, they will realize the bitter face of truth. The Turkish economy cannot prosper by relying on corrupt peopleand’s bad aice. Such a move will undermine all fundamental rights and freedoms. Indeed, the clear stance adopted by the European Union has indicated that any pressure on the media will have economic and legal consequences in addition to political ones.
A New York Times editorial published a few days ago that draws attention to the pressure on freedom of the press in Turkey must be taken into account by government officials. The extreme pressures on Zaman, Samanyolu and the Dogan Group raise concerns both at home and abroad. If you want to sink this country, you will continue to attack the free media, but you must not forget that the facilities provided by the new media means will never give you any piece of mind. If, in the meantime, Turkey is aertised as a lawless country, those who are responsible for this will be buried under the debris of the country they destroy.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman