Statement of the day: Turkey cannot get away with tomatoes

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made his first address at the Federal Council in the Georgiyevsk hall of the Kremlin State Palace. Joined by more than a thousand guests and close to 600 media representatives, the event stood out with Putin’s new series of statements against Turkish leadership and regarding Russia’s policy against global terrorism.

Before his speech, Putin has had the chance to talk with high-ranking state officials, the Rusian parliament’s senators and deputies as well as renowned politicians at the “Malakhitovy Zal”.

From among Azerbaijani press agencies, only APA had been invited to follow the Russian president’s first speech before the Federal Council.

58-minute long speech

At 12:00 Vladimir Putin began his annual speech. As expected, much of the speech has to do with the most actual theme of these days – the fight against global terrorism and the Su-24 fighter jet downed by Turkey.

The Russian president in his statement said why Turkey downed the Russian Su-24 jet: “I can’t understand why Turkey took this step. Russia was ready to cooperate with Turkey on the most vulnerable regional security issues. I don’t understand why Turkey downed our jet. Allah knows why they did it. God is punishing the ruling elite of Turkey by taking away their sanity.

Putin said that his country will take constructive steps against Turkey. “There will not be a nervous, hysterical reaction that would be dangerous for us and for the whole world.

Putin started his annual address by thanking Russian members of the forces “fighting international terrorism”. He started his state of the nation address to the Federal Assembly with a moment of silence in memory of Russian servicemen who died in Syria.

“Our forces fight in Syria for Russia – for the security of our people, first and foremost. Terrorists in Syria pose a special threat. Therefore, we must prevent the threat and destroy the terrorists”, said the President.

Today’s most famous statement: Turkey cannot get away with tomatoes

Russian President emphasized that restoration of the relations with Turkey in the short run is out of question: “If anyone thinks that having committed this awful war crime, the murder of our people, that they are going to get away with tomatoes (one of the Turkish goods banned by Russia) or some restrictions on construction and other sectors, they are sorely mistaken,” the Russian leader said. “We will be reminding them again about what they’ve done and they’ll be regretting it. We know what to do,” he added.

Putin’s initial speech was addressed to the domestic audience. Speaking about the economic situation in the country, reforms conducted in various fields, the president said that current situation of the Russian economy is complicated, but not critic.

Following the annual address, journalists learned about the impressions of the state representatives, politicians and parliamentarians.

The main thesis for the experts was Putin’s statement “Turkey cannot get away with tomatoes”.

Russian Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky again criticized Erdogan, divided Turkey into several parts and distributed. Just Russia’s chairman Sergey Mironov didn’t lag behind him. Only Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov expressed his regret for deterioration of Russian-Turkish relations. Unlike parliamentarians, officials said that they are against the Turkish leadership, but surely friend of Turkish nation.