State Grain Fund: “There is no reason for rise of bread price in Azerbaijan”

Baku: “Wholesale price of 50 kg-wheat flour bag is AZN 16”

In order to clarify the dissatisfactions among the population on increase of bread price, Zulfugar Mammadov, head of the State Grain Fund under the Ministry of Emergency Situations has issued statement.

According to website of the Ministry, Mammadov noted that Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev always pays attention to supply of the population with qualitative food products: “Oorders, instructions, decrees, decisions of the president caused stability of food products”.

Key function of the State GFrain Fund established in accordance with the “Law on grain” is to meet demand of consumers for grain products in the emergency situations, form state grain reserves, fulfill international obligations and prevent price changes in the domestic grain market.

Under the decision #406 of the Cabinet of Ministers dated to 30 December, 2014, the volume of the grain in the State Grain Fund has been increased from 500,000 tonnes to 750,000 tonnes in order to complete the president’s task. This allows to carry out intervention and prevent artificial price rise.

Today, the State Grain Fund has 500,000 tonnes of high-quality wheat reserves. Along with this, negotiations are underway with Russia and Kazakhstan to import wheat through the funds from putting expired grain into use.

State Grain Fund sends 1 ton of wheat to the flour producing enterprises for AZN 185.60. It’s the result of serious intervention carried out by the state to the domestic grain market with this price that wholesale price of 50 kg-wheat flour bag is AZN 16. This serve as a background for stability of bread price produced in the country. That’s, there is no reason for rise of bread price in Azerbaijan.