State Committee: No prohibition on Ashura ceremonies

Baku: Some foreign-based religious websites have lately been releasing misinformation concerning the latest amendments to the law in Azerbaijan.

The State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations told APA there are rumors that restrictions on freedom of religion is growing in Azerbaijan, religious ceremonies are prevented, religious people are under pressure, and even that the Ashura ceremonies have been prohibited, etc.

The state committee says such rumors are often spread in the name of state officials as well as the State Committee.

“Spreading of such rumors among the religious population is but a failed attempt to spoil state-religion relations, cause confusion among people, and form a negative opinion against the state. The latest laws approved by the parliament and amendments made to the law is not aimed at restricting freedom of religion in any way. Also, reports that the Ashura ceremonies have been prohibited in the country is untrue. As usual, the Ashura and Arbaeen ceremonies were marked in mosques this year too and it will continue to be so. Freedom of religion in our country is under state protection and every citizen’s rights are protected regardless of their religion,” said the committee.