Starlings’ ‘whirl’ in skies of Konya

Settling in Konya for winter months, the starlings’ ‘whirl’ in the skies of Konya drew great attention on Friday.

In winter, migrating from cold climates to warmer ones, hundreds of starlings settle in the city centers. Spending the day for feeding, the starlings fly in the evening hours and demonstrate gorgeous views in the skies of Konya. The people watch admiringly the figures of the starlings.

The starlings, which can be seen in autumn and winter, spend the nights in warm boulevards in city centers. Gathering by flying in the evening hours, this kind of birds usually live in the trees, located in Kerkuk Boulevard in Konya at nights. Arriving to the place, where they will spend the nights, before the sunset, the starlings gather at the roofs of the high buildings in boulevard at first. Following the sunset, flying to the trees all together, the starlings exhibit unique views by sprawling and gathering.

Meanwhile, the dance of the starlings in the sky were caught on people’s mobile phones.