Spring beautiful spring!

By: Amina Nazarli

Finally winter is leaving us and spring is on its way.

Very soon the sun will appear more often and the sky will be more vivid.

After a long and snowy winter it will be nice to go outside and smell the warm wind and to see the first spring birds.

Bringing spring to the country, March will also please Azerbaijanis with festive Novruz Bayram. People cannot wait to take off their warm coats and wear light clothes to walk in the fresh warm air, as days will become longer and nights will become shorter.

Forecasters have predicted frequent changes in weather for March. “Despite the fluctuations in the temperature, the temperature in this month is expected to be close to the climatic norm. The average monthly precipitation will also be close to the norm,” the National Hydrometeorology Department said.

Temperatures in Baku are expected to vary in between 5-7 degrees C with 2 degrees C below zero in some days. However, the other half of the month will be more pleasant as temperature will reach in between 17 and 19 degrees C.

In Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic the nights will be cool (1-6 degrees C above zero), while days will see temperatures of 8-13 degrees C. The second half of the month also promises to be warm – 15-20 degrees C.

What about Upper Karabakh, Khankandi, Shusha, Khojali, Lachin, Zangilan, Dashkasan and Gadabay? The weather on the first half of March is predicted to be a little cool – 1-6 degrees C, but to the end of the month the heat of the sun will increase temperatures to 17 degrees C.

The average monthly temperature of 5-7 C degrees will stand in the Ganja, Gazakh, Terter, Agdam, Fuzuli and Jabrail regions of Azerbaijan. At nights, temperature will vary from 1 to 6 degrees C, with some expected drops to 1-6 degrees C below zero in some instances. However, people will feel spring has arrived a little closer to the end of the month when temperatures will rise to 15-18 degrees C.

Azerbaijan’s Balakan, Zagatala, Gakh, Sheki, Oguz, Gabala, Ismailli, Shamakhi, Shabran, Guba, Gusar and Khachmaz regions will also experience warm weather on the second half of March – 15-17 degrees C. Although temperatures at night might still drop below zero temperatures will soon rise up.

Forecasts for Central Aran – Mingachevir, Yevlakh, Geychay, Agdash, Kurdamir, Imishli, Beylagan, Sabirabad, Shirvan, Bilasuvar, Saatli, Neftchala and Salyan will be close to usual – at 6-8 degrees C. Temperatures at night will be naturally cooler – 2-7 degrees C, while during the day they will reach 9-14 degrees C. As in many regions the residents of Central Aran will also experience warmness on the second half of March

In the South regions including Masalli, Yardimli, Lerik and Astara, the monthly average temperature will stay at 5-7 degrees C. Days will stand at 8-13 degrees C, while nights – 2-7 degrees C. On some days the temperature will reach 16-18 degrees C.