Song contestant shot in head wakes up, responds by blinking

19-year-old Mutlu Kaya who was shot in the head after joining a televised singing contest has woken up 12 days after she was hospitalized and responds to her sister by blinking her eyes. Kaya was shot in her house in Ergani, a district in the southeastern province of Diyarbakir, on May 18. After remaining in medically induced coma for 3 days, doctors at Gazi Yaiargil Training and Research Hospital in Diyarbakir cut off sedatives to wake her. She woke up for the first time on Friday, private news agency Dogan reported. Kaya is responding to her sisterand’s questions by blinking her eyes. She also cried once, Dogan said. She remains in intensive care. Kaya was critically injured during the May 18 attack which took place after she appeared on the singing contest Sesi andcok Ganduzel (Her Voice is So Beautiful). Her boyfriend was arrested in connection with the attack. She reportedly filed a complaint with the police against the boyfriend for threatening her four months ago. However, the couple later reunited after the incident. Kayaand’s father, Mehmet Kaya, said he was thrilled that his daughter had finally woken up. and”I am so happy,and” he said. and”I am 60 years old and I was reborn today.and” The attack on Kaya has renewed concerns on rampant violence against women in Turkey. The murder of 19-year-old andOzgecan Aslan in February reportedly after resisting rape at a minibus she had taken to get home sparked nationwide protests and calls for measures to combat violence against women.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman