Some 70 people injured in Turkey’s liquid gas tank blast

DIYARBAKIR (CIHAN)- At least 70 people were injured when a liquid gas tank exploded in the southeastern Turkish province of Diyarbakir’s Lice district on Tuesday.

According to the information, which was taken from the local authorities that explosion took place on the 90th kilometer of DiyarbakIr-Bingl Highway and caused to have injured at least 70 people, who were in two passenger buses, which were passing by near the liquid tank at the time of the incident. Two out of 70 was pedestrians who were also passing by at the scene when the explosion took place.

Soon after the explosion, DiyarbakIr Metropolitan Municipality Chairwoman Gulten KIIanak and Chairman FIrat visited the hospital and took detailed information about the health conditions of injured peoples. At the hospital, KIIanak made an explanation on the incident and said that they were very sad that there was a big disaster happened in their Lice district.

“May them get well soon and all our praying for them to recover. According to information which we took from the authorities that some of the injured are in critical conditions. I hope we will not be shaken more sorrowful news than this. And also I hope we will get over it and there will be no human loss. The important thing to provide to burn units those who injured in the nearby hospitals,” added KIIanak.