SOCAR to launch new offshore platform

Azerbaijan’s energy giant SOCAR will commission a new offshore platform No 602A in the Oil Rocks field by late November to additionally get 51,100 tons of oil a year.

The company reported that the jackets have been constructed.

“The intermediate sections, landing and berthing areas, pedestrian bridges, the upper metal structures were also constructed,” the statement said. “The platform will be commissioned in late November.”

The platform is designed for drilling 14 wells with a daily output of 10 tons each.

SOCAR’s trust – Neftegazstroy is the contractor of the construction. The Baku State Design Institute was engaged in the design. The customer is Azneft production union.

SOCAR is implementing a program to stabilize and increase oil production.

The company is drilling wells at onshore and offshore fields in Azerbaijan.

SOCAR produced 6.21 million tons of oil in January-September, or 1.5 percent less than in the same period of last year.

SOCAR produced over 8.32 million tons of oil in 2014 compared to 8.31 million tons produced in 2013.

Azerbaijan extracted over 42.4 million tons of oil in 2014 compared to 43.5 million tons in 2013.


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