SOCAR: “No change will be made in gasoline price”

Baku: State Oil Company of Azerbaijan commented on unchanging of gasoline price on the background of oil price decline in the world market.

APA-Economics reports that SOCAR Vice-President for Economic Affairs Suleyman Gasimov said that the price of AI-92 gasoline is regulated by Tariff Council.

He noted that SOCAR gets a little income from retail sale of gasoline in the country: “These funds are directed to payment of income tax. Moreover, SOCAR compared oil and oil products prices to the neighbour countries. The company also defined taxes on these prices. It was known that oil product prices are lower, taxes are higher in Azerbaijan. Taking all these into consideration, it’s not needed to make change to the gasoline price. There is no problem in devaluation of manat inside the country, salaries also remained unchanged. Of course, if the state passes decision on reviewing the fuel prices, the prices can be reviewed”.

Touching upon the decrease of the price of gasoline imported to the country, Gasimov noted that prices of AI-95 and AI-98 are regulated by the state: “Such types of gasoline are brought by some companies. Therefore, the imported gasoline also has its own costs. In this case, base price of import of this gasoline should be taken into account”.