Smear campaign against Azerbaijan a shameful process – PA official

Baku: “The Azerbaijani people is aware of the essence of this process”

“The smear campaign that is being carried out against Azerbaijan in the modern system of international relations is very shameful. All processes in this period should be transparent. What a pity that such a campaign is underway against our Azerbaijan at a time our country has undertaken to be the first country in history to host the European Games,” said Novruz Mammadov, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration and Director of the Foreign Relations Department at the Administration.

N. Mammadov noted that since Ancient Greece till today there has been a tradition of halting all wars and conflicts at the time of the Olympic Games.

“But today, on the eve of the European Games, a campaign is being carried out against us. Such a campaign against a rapidly-developing country that has taken crucial steps toward building democracy and has turned into the leader in the region is not going to honor anyone,” the PA official stressed.

He also said that the Azerbaijani people have self-confidence.

“The Azerbaijani people are aware of the essence of this process. So they will achieve nothing through campaigns of this kind. Azerbaijan pursues an independent foreign policy. We take necessary steps to build equal, mutual and beneficial cooperation with all countries,” he added.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency