Smart House projects to facilitate life for vulnerable population

By: Amina Nazarli

Azerbaijan is pressing ahead with its Smart House projects to support vulnerable population, said Salim Muslimov, Labour and Social Protection Minister on December 24.

He said the cabinet ministers are now working on different aspects of the projects. “One project has already been accomplished,” he said.

The first so-called “Smart House” project includes 120 apartments. The project in Masazir settlement in Absheron Peninsula was launched in 2013.

The government initially allocated one million manat ($1,269,376) for the construction of the project in 2013 including 0.2 million manat for its design. The total cost of the project constituted 5-8 million manats.

“These buildings are social houses which people will use them as their own,” Muslimov said.

The minister noted that the young people who are going to use them will not have property or sale or donation rights of the houses. He also added that the government is going to build more similar houses in future.

“Overall, the government plans to create good life conditions for 360 people. This will be enough for ensuring those who are graduating from orphan schools to have a roof over their heads’ soon,” the minister underlined.

The second Smart House project will have 125 apartments. “An increase in the number of apartments will not be associated with a decrease in their sizes,” the organizer of the project the Agency for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Azerbaijani territories said.

They noted that these houses are built like a single residential complex, that’s why there is no necessity to place additional facilities, such as laundry or dining room in the second project.

To facilitate the housing problems, the Azerbaijani government has also decided to increase the social mortgage loan by 25 percent in 2015.

The overall amount of the social mortgage will be 50 million manat as compared to 40 million manat in 2014.

As a result, the total amount of fund resources will reach 288 million manat in 2015.

So far, the Azerbaijani Mortgage Fund (AMF) has issued 15,393 mortgage loans, totaling 612.37 million manat.

Currently, 28 of the total 44 local banks are authorized banks of AMF. Meanwhile, some 21 of the existing 27 insurance companies and 15 appraisal organizations are the main players of the mortgage market.

People who have some preferable conditions include: Martyrs families’ members, families of National Heroes of Azerbaijan, internally displaced persons, civil servants with an experience of not less than three years, people with Ph.D., persons who have special merits in the sport, and military forces working for at least three years in the army.