Separatists in Luhansk murder one of Azerbaijani diaspora leaders

Crimea: Telman Sadi oglu Jafarov, Deputy Chairman of the Azerbaijanis Congress in Ukraine’s Luhansk province, has been shot dead by separatists.

The incident happened near the Kamenko village in the vicinity of Luhansk yesterday night, Chairman of the Luhansk Azerbaijanis Congress Rasim Ughurluyev told APA.

Jafarov’s body has remained in an area controlled by separatists and not been taken from there.

Apart from Jafarov, the other three Azerbaijanis—Mahir, Nurlan, and Elman—were wounded in the shooting. According to information, Jafarov and his Azerbaijani acquaintances were assaulted while trying to take out the animals that they use in their farm work in that area.

Asim Osmanov, First secretary for consular affairs of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Ukraine, told APA that the fact will be investigated.

53-year-old Ukrainian citizen Telman Jafarov is originally from Baku.