SELUK – You mean something so long as you praise ErdoIan

You mean something so long as you praise ErdoIanRecep Tayyip ErdoIan continues to slam the European Union. He seems to have gone off the rails as we have seen quite often recently he is thundering in an outraged manner He is questioning the European Union for making a statement on a holiday and accusing it of acting as the mouthpiece of a andldquoparallel structure,andrdquo as well as asking the source of the information that the union has regarding the recent arrests in Turkey, asking how the EU dares to support those involved in an attempted coup against the government while it remained silent during the Gezi Park protests and the Dec.

17, 2013 revelation of a massive graft scandal.His statements try to make the union out to be part of the andldquosuperior mindandrdquo which is the only source of all types of malice, a member of the andldquotreacherous networkandrdquo and a andldquoear of the plotandrdquo against the ruling party.

In fact, there is no need to be surprised in the face of such a mentality which found a terrorist organization in a soap opera and fabricated the term andldquopartnership of evilandrdquo in reference to the EUand#39s statement criticizing the government-led crackdown on the free media via the Dec. 14 operations in which the editor-in-chief of the Zaman daily and the manager of the STV media outlet were detained on suspicions of establishing an armed terrorist group.

It is blatantly obvious that ErdoIanand#39s statements are baseless and each of them can compete with the other in terms of being illogical. In fact, his statements have already created a league of their own and can be ranked as to which one is more inappropriate.

But still, letand#39s consider several of these statements.As to the question asking the source of the information that the EU has regarding the recent police raids in Turkey, it is intended to create the impression that andldquothe EU is closely cooperating with the andlsquoparallel structureand#39andrdquo that ErdoIan and his followers in Brussels are trying to foment.

We have written about this many times but letand#39s state it once again: The biggest EU delegation is in Ankara All 28 member states of the European Union have their embassies in Turkey. There is no need for other sources to seek information, the EU gets it directly from these offices.

The source has not changed at all, they are the same as those which the EU received information from regarding the April 27, 2007 e-memorandum, the closure case against the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and the Constitutional Courtand#39s decision to ban Abdullah Gul from being elected as president by requiring the approval of 367 deputies in Parliament. The source has not changed at all.

The AK Party remembers very well those urgent statements made by the EU at the time that it benefited from as much as possible. The EU makes any statement it considers necessary and required, not just on Sundays but even on Christmas.

There are countless statements issued on holidays.Just as you, the government, do not say, andldquoLetand#39s not administrate the state todayandrdquo for it is a holiday, they make a statement on Sunday as the earth rotates on its axis.

The EU makes statements on Sundays when it deems it necessary as the world keeps rotating even on Sunday. The reason behind the EUand#39s statement is not the love that the bloc has for the faith-based Hizmet movement it is just because Turkey is swiftly heading toward authoritarianism The EU is aware that in a Turkey where the Zaman and Samanyolu media groups are to be silenced, the DoIan media group and othersand#39 turns will come much quicker than expected.

The EU did not remain silent during the Gezi Park protests in the summer of 2013 and on Dec. 17.

It reacted to both incidents. The first reaction was against the violation of the legitimate right to demonstrate and the killing of people, while the second was against your stance which trampled on the rule of law for claiming that a andldquocoup plot was being staged against it and there is no corruption.

andrdquo Since the EU did not describe the Gezi protests and Dec. 17 as a andldquocoup,andrdquo you consider it to have remained silent for not supporting your position.

ErdoIan, through his statements, has exposed himself and the andldquonew Turkeyandrdquo — a term coined by him He should be further encouraged to make such comments to fully reveal his true self.After ErdoIanand#39s recent anti-EU statements, the EU clearly understands that ErdoIan had repeatedly used the bloc for his opportunist goals.

ErdoIan proved to all that he only struggled to strengthen his position while portraying himself as though he was fighting against the military tutelage, conducting a struggle against the judiciary in an effort to uphold democratic principles when he paid visits to each EU member country on the heels of the AK Party victory in the 2002 general elections.Just as the AK Party threw out the Hizmet movement after benefiting from it and got rid of liberal intellectuals after exploiting them as well while abusing democratic principles, it also used and exploited the EU which it considered very convenient to ratchet up its power and position.

However, the truth has surfaced: The ErdoIan-defined andldquonew Turkeyandrdquo refers to a country where the term helps to enhance his rule in an atmosphere where his actions are not being questioned and those who support this rule are considered worthy. The new and only principle: praise him!I wonder two things, though: Can former President Gul, who earlier claimed to have conducted politics in compliance with EU values and always kept saying so, if he is able to find time from the moving to another residence, make a comment in the face of the statement announcing the abandonment of the EU path? Or does Gul, like his successor, also think, andldquoWe greatly benefited from the union but it has now expired?andrdquoSecond, what will EU Affairs Minister Volkan BozkIr, who accused Ekrem DumanlI of putting on a show after ErdoIan announced that he does not care about EU membership, tell his European counterparts during his visit to Brussels? Does he plan to tell them, andldquoDonand#39t be a mouthpiece of the parallel structureandrdquo? Or will the EU Affairs Ministry be dissolved.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman