SELUK – ‘Supreme’ leader’s test with Altan and Baransu

‘Supreme’ leader’s test with Altan and BaransuMy andldquolonely and beautifulandrdquo country, in the words of Nuri Bilge Ceylan, is once again witnessing a coalition of coup makers and thieves.This happened before in the Feb.

28, 1997 process. Would President Recep Tayyip ErdoIan, who is trying to get more support by reference to the popular will and choice, be able to consolidate his power without Ahmet Altan and Mehmet Baransu?The biggest evil that a country has to deal with is a coalition of thieves and coup makers to save the country.

What makes this evil even graver is the ability to hypnotize the people for a while by reliance on media power and illusion.The coup-makers steal the popular will, whereas the thieves pillage the national assets and treasures.

To cover up their respective crimes, they develop a symbiotic relationship. In this process, the coup makers become dependent on the thieves and vice versa and, as a result, they create an alliance and do the greatest harm to the country.

Turkey had a similar experience in the Feb. 28 process.

The coup makers toppled Necmettin Erbakan in the meantime, the country experienced the greatest economic crisis in the republican history and a number of banks went bankrupt due to sweeping corruption. The coup makers dealt with the so-called Shariah supporters, while the thieves robbed the country.

The impression that such an era is approaching fast is turning into a reality. Maybe it is a twist of fate: The Justice and Development Party (AKP), which came to power after the economic collapse in connection with the Feb.

28 coup, is now struggling with corruption as a solution, this party decided to make an alliance with the coup makers. My lonely and beautiful country is witnessing this shameful alliance again.

The political administration, caught in the act on Dec. 17, 2013, attributed the coup cases to conspiracies in an attempt to prove that the corruption cases were not legal.

The argument suggests that a gang that presented democratic generals as coup makers also plotted against the AKP by reliance on allegations of corruption. For this reason, all patriotic elements — the coup makers and thieves — should cooperate against this gang, which is depicted as being even more dangerous than the Kurdistan Workersand#39 Party (PKK).

They have been reaping the fruits of this alliance. Last week, Baransu, who was once presented as a hero by the government, was placed under arrest.

The justification for the arrest is just as ridiculous as the one presented in the arrest of Hidayet Karaca The only reason for his arrest is, as noted by Altan last week, the emergent cooperation between the thieves and the coup makers.Personally, I do not know Altan or Baransu.

I had one phone conversation with each one of them For me, both are heroes. Only Ahmet Altan and Mehmet Baransu were brave enough to publish the coup plans that ErdoIan is well aware of but is now denying so that he can get rid of the corruption allegations.

The pro-government media, which now defends the lies of the government, could not have possibly published the coup plans unless the Taraf daily cleared the way for themWithout Altan and Baransu, could ErdoIan, who is trying to get more support by reference to the popular will and choice, be able to consolidate his power? Altan and Baransu, who are heroes to me now, will become historic figures when Turkey becomes a true democracy for their fight against military guardianship. But how will ErdoIan be remembered?There are some signs and indicators.

The Associated Press, in its recent analysis on Turkey, described ErdoIan as the andldquosupreme leaderandrdquo This is a term invented for leaders of the Chinese Communist Party and is now used to define dictators and authoritarian leaders. For instance, this label is frequently used for North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

At a time when coup makers and thieves make an alliance, ErdoIan is cited as an authoritarian and repressive leader in Europe and renowned news agencies refer to him as a andldquosupreme leaderandrdquo This alone gives some insights and hints on the direction of the country.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman