Security guards severely beaten by students in Istanbul University

ISTANBUL: A group of student who was aiming to attend a series of activities in the campus area of Istanbul University severely beat the security guard when they tried to prevent their entering to the University campus.

Group arrived at the campus of Faculty of Science and Literature of Istanbul University to attend the activities which were organized by university students to commemorate Halabja and 7 students, who were killed in 1978 in Beyazit.

As soon as they gathered in front of the faculty, students began to walk to campus by chanting slogans. Group later made a press explanation in front of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Just after the explanation, they tried to enter the campus but at that time an argument were initiated between students and security guards who were severely beaten and attacked by students.

A scene, in which, a student attacking a security officer and hitting him with a hard object were caught on tape second by second. Beaten officers were moved away at the scene.