Security guard given TL 15,100 suspended fine for ’reckless homicide’

An Istanbul court has changed a prison sentence of two years, one month into a TL 15,100 fine that was given to a security guard, Fatih D., on charges of reckless homicide in which a tragic accident resulted in the death of Sabah daily photojournalist Erkan Koyuncu in 2014.
Koyuncu died on Aug. 2, 2014 after having been crushed by a five-ton iron gate at Galatasaray sports cluband’s Florya Metin Oktay facilities.
According to the Dogan news agencyand’s report on Wednesday, only the defendant Fatih D., who closed the gate that crushed Koyuncu, and his lawyer Ferat andcaiil were present at the second trial of the case heard by the Istanbul 31st Penal Court of First Instance. Erkan Koyuncuand’s wife, Bediriye Koyuncu, who filed the criminal complaint in 2014 but later withdrew it, refused to attend the first trial and was also missing at the second.
The court suspended the fine, which was given instead of the initially decreed prison sentence, and ruled that it was only to be paid in the event of the security guard repeating the crime of and”reckless homicide,and” a term which refers to when there is a deadly incident where the guilty person did not act intentionally. According to media reports of August 2014, the accident was a result of negligence. Speaking to a Turkish daily, architects and manufacturers of such gates said that it should weigh a maximum of 2.5 tons and that a larger motor should have been used in its operating mechanism. andquotSuch a gate is used to prevent terrorist attacks and should bear a warning sign,andquot an expert said.