Seashore to be free from fence

By: Nigar Orujova

The government of Azerbaijan plans to impose fines on those who build illegal fences along the Caspian Sea shore.

The Caspian Sea is a pearl of nature of the region and in Azerbaijan, the sea is supposed to be a wealth of all the people.

However, some persons, who bought the territory nearby the sea, have constructed the fences restricting both people, who live on the sea shore, and people, who came to enjoy the sea from other regions.

The cases of fencing the seashore have been source of the complaint of residents of the Absheron peninsula for years.

Seizure of territories designated for swimming of population by owners of villas is disrespect to the country’s legislation. Construction of any private facilities near 130 meters from the seashore is prohibited under the legislation.

The Parliament discussed amendments to the Administrative Offences Code, which offered to fine for restricting access to the beach without the permission of the executive authority.

The Committee on Legal Policy and State Building of the Parliament proposed to fine individuals, restricting access to the beach without the permission of the executive authority, in the amount of 3,000 manat (about $2,856), civil servants – 7,000 manat (about $6,663), and legal entities – 35,000 manat (about $33,318).

In case of repeated infringement of the law, the committee offered to fine individuals who have received administrative penalties for a year, will be fined in the amount of 5,000 manat (about $4,760), civil servants – 10,000 manat (about $9,519), and legal entities – 50,000 manat (about $47,596).

The draft amendments are recommended to be discussed at the plenary session of the Parliament.

Moreover, many beaches on the Caspian Sea shore are actually appropriated and fenced by some businessmen who want to make them private. People are forced to pay for only access to the sea without any additional facilities, which is against the state law.

All beaches in Baku are free including the private ones. Businessmen can only claim money for the services on the seashore such as shower, sun umbrella, scooter, etc.

Entry of vehicles on all beaches is also free in the country, but fee may be taken for watching over the car.

Hopefully, the issue will find its solution until the next beach season which traditionally starts in Azerbaijan in June.