Schools with 6-day education week celebrating “Last bell” today

Today most schools in Azerbaijan celebrate “Last bell”.

APA reports that this year, “Last bell” will be celebrated for two days – on May 29-30.

Schools with 5-day education week celebrated the “last bell” on May 29. Those with 6-day education week are celebrating it today.

In 2014-2015 academic year, 111, 839 students from the 9th form will finish the general education schools, 90,557 students from the 11th form and 820 from the 12th form will finish postal tuition and evening schools in Azerbaijan. Last year, 118,206 students from the 9th form finished from general education schools, 86,797 students from the 11th form and 754 from the 12th form finished the postal tuition and evening schools.

The schools were recommended to hold the events in the school courtyards.