Schedule of Azerbaijan Fashion Week announced

The schedule of Azerbaijan Fashion Week has been released.

There will be given the official start to the Fashion shows, Pop Up stores, Expert Master Classes and Workshops on May 11.

During the Fashion Week (May 11 to 14) from 12.00-21.00 all the quests are welcomed to visit the Pop Up stores at the second floor of Hotels Conference Center where more than 28 international and local designers will showcase their exclusive collections. Natavan will present women clothes of Azerbaijani regions. The UK Style expert Shyla Hassan will be providing Master Classes on Personal Styling every day at 14.00 during four days.

On May 11 at 15.00, on the first day, the French fashion expert Andrey Andreev-Arton will organize a Workshop “From Sketch to Show”.

Azerbaijani Designer Fee Dan will open the First Day by exclusive fashion show. Permanent members of Kazakhstan Fashion Week, Designer Trio Lariya/Lamanukayeva/Zherebtsov, will be showcasing their collections next. Georgian designer Nino Babukhadia will start at 20.00, followed by Turkish Artist and Designer Sevincy at 20.30. Well known Georgian Designer Datuna Sulikashvili will close the first Day of Azerbaijan Fashion Week.

After the Fashion Shows guests and designers will be invited to Grandezza Department Store for a store tour and Cocktail.

A second day Public Talk (15.00) from French fashion expert Farouk Chekhoufi will be dedicated to “Fashion Journalism”.

Monoshows will be remarkable part on the Second Day of the Fashion Week. At 17.00 the Latvian Brand Aristocrat Kids supported by Kids Model Agency Kiddoz and Sevimli Bala will showcase their authentic collection for the little fashionistas. Next, the pioneer of Azernaijani Fashion Fakhriyya Khalafova will demonstrate her new collection at 18.30 followed by very exclusive runaway from Russian Fur Designer Maria Shosheva.

Fashion Movie lovers will enjoy the thematic movies and fashion documentaries whichwill be demonstrated on May 13-14. Shayla Hassan will provide the “Celebrity Styling” Workshop at 15.00 on May 13.

The third day will be opened by the young and talented Azerbaijani designer Gunel Behbudova. Followed by Georgian Designer Tako Mekvabidze, Azerbaijani designer Nadit will show her exclusive collection. Salle de Mode and French Designer Alexandre Delima will close the third fashion day. Subsequently guests will be invited to L’Officiel Photo Exhibition which will be held in Kichik Qala Art Gallery in Old city.

On the last day there will be a public talk at 15.00 by the French expert Farouk Chekhoufi. It will be dedicated to “Fashion Trends”. Lagerfeld confidential movie will be demonstrated at 17.00 .

Popular Azerbaijani Fashion House Libas Couturewill open the last Day Fashion Shows followed by Georgian Designer Aka Nanita and Ukrainian Designer Julia Aysina. Kazakhstan designer Ainur Turisbek and Georgian designer Diana Kvariani, whose supreme quality materials, combination of unexpected textures, and meticulous attention to details have become the labels signature will have the shows next.

A French-Lebanese fashion designer Georges Makbeing formerly awarded “Designer of The Year” by Cosmopolitan Magazine will close the first season of Azerbaijan Fashion Week.

The Fashion &Sport themed Afterparty will take place in one of the most fashionable clubs in the city-Gate 25.

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SOURCE: Azer News