Samad Seyidov: ‘Armenia doesn’t want to attend the meeting of the PACE Standing Committee in Baku on various pretexts’

Baku: “The Armenian delegation doesn’t want to attend the meeting of the PACE Standing Committee to be held in Baku on various pretexts”, Head of Azerbaijani delegation to the PACE, MP Samad Seyidov told APA.

Mentioning Azerbaijan is the next member country to host the meeting, but not the organizer, Samad Seyidov said all the member countries’ should participate in the event as it is PACE’s meeting: “The Standing Committee includes the heads of all the member countries’ delegations. They attend the Standing Committee’s meetings held in different countries. Whoever doesn’t want to come cannot rebute Azerbaijan in any way. But if they rebute, it means they pursue sly, ill-intentioned, illusive goals. That is exactly what Armenia is doing now. They don’t want to come and attend any talks, they’re far away from constructivism. We witnessed such a step by Armenians not only within the PACE, but at different levels, for instance, in relation to statements of the US Co-chairman of the OSCE Minsk Group.

Seyidov noted that Armenian side’s pretexts are based on Yerevan’s maximum evasion from European organizations: “Therefore, they avoid to participate in the events held within the framework of the PACE or the OSCE and other international organizations and face with us. Because their position does not correspond to international laws and denies European values.

Seyidov also noted that as an organizer, the PACE should officially explain why the Armenian delegation failed to arrive in Baku.


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