Sacked Cizre mayor detained by police

Leyla imret, former mayor of the Cizre district in the province of iirnak, who was sacked from her post by the Interior Ministry, was detained by police on Wednesday in Diyarbakir. The Dogan news agency reported that imret was detained due to an investigation launched into her, however her lawyer, Sertaandc Oskan told Dogan that they do not know the exact reason for the detention of the former mayor. and”There is an investigation launched into her [imret] by the Cizre Public Prosecutorand’s Office. They have not summoned us for testimony until today. There were not any arrest warrants out for her,and” Oskan said. imret was sacked from her job due to an investigation accusing her of and”spreading terrorist propagandaand” and and”inciting hatred among peopleand” in September.


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