Sabah newspaper apologizes to Azerbaijan for introduction of Nagorno Karabakh as independent state – Editor-in-chief: “This should by no means be considered a deliberate action”

Baku: Turkish newspaper “Sabah” has commented on the article introducing Nagorno Karabakh, being under Armenians’ occupation, as an independent state.

Editor-in-chief of “” website, Isa Tatlican told APA that it was a mistake and corrected:

“The agency have made a mistake and introduced Nagorno Karabakh territory as an independent state. After being warned by phone call, our editors immediately removed the article from the website. We are also sensitive regarding sensitive issues for our fraternal country – Azerbaijan. This should by no means be considered a deliberate action. The subject of the story has nothing to do with Azerbaijan. We apologize for the mistake made by the agency because of a small misunderstanding,” said Tatlican.

Azerbaijan’s Nagorno Karabakh territory has been showed in the article titled “It has three capitals, 11 official languages and international marches in 5 languages!” as “Nagorno Karabakh Republic”. Then the mistake was corrected.