Russian spokesperson cites Turkish whistleblower’s earlier claims on downed Russian jet

At a press conference on Wednesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova claimed that Turkey “purposefully” downed the Russian Su-24 at the Turkish-Syrian border on Tuesday and said the “unprecedented” incident will have serious repercussions.

She also quoted statements of Turkish Twitter whistleblower Fuat Avni who claimed in October that the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan were planning to down a Russian jet to bring Turkey to brink of war with Russia to ultimately keep its power. “This is very interesting,” Zakharova said.

Turkish Air Force jets downed a Russian-made SU-24 on the Turkish-Syrian border on Tuesday after having repeatedly warned it over airspace violations, according to Turkish officials’ claims.

The incident, which resulted in the killing of one of the SU-24 plane’s two pilots and a Russian marine, has thrown Russo-Turkish relations into crisis and cooled Kremlin hopes of rapprochement with the West.

Fuat Avni, the pseudonym used by an unknown government whistleblower, has so far revealed many government-initiated police operations to the public before they have taken place. Fuat Avni’s identity is unknown and has prompted wide speculation, but the account has previously revealed numerous details that would appear to indicate that the user is close to or inside the government and the account has attracted a large following.


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