Russian fantasy, sci-fi films hit Pera Museum screen

Starting Friday, the Pera Museum in Istanbul will host a film program titled and”From the Tsars to the Stars,and” presenting a selection of fantasy and science-fiction films by Russian directors.
The program will continue for about a month-and-a-half until Dec. 12 at the museumand’s auditorium, screening some of the rarest examples of Russian science-fiction, which marked its heyday — in both literature and cinema — during the Soviet era.
Put together by Alla Verlotsky, Robert Skotak and Dennis Bartok and originally subtitled and”A Journey Through Russian Fantastik Cinema,and” the program is a joint effort with Seagull Films, which first presented the selection in 2006 in collaboration with the Film Society of Lincoln Center and the American Cinematheque.
and”Fantastika is a general term weand’re using for all of it: science-fiction, fantasy, horror, fables,and” explains Skotak, an Oscar winner for his special-effects contributions to and”Aliensand” and and”Terminator 2: Judgment Day,and” in a recent press release by Pera Museum announcing the program.
There are eight titles in the selection to be shown by Pera Film, including and”Aelita, Queen of Mars,and” a 1924 black and white silent that is billed as the and”worldand’s first feature film to use interplanetary travel as its main plot line,and” and and”Planet of Storms,and” director Pavel Klushantsevand’s 1961 tale of a voyage to Venus.
Other highlights of the program include and”Stalker,and” Andrei Tarkovskyand’s last Soviet film, in which a writer, a scientist and their guide venture into a mysterious wasteland known as the Zone, and and”Solaris,and” the directorand’s 1972 masterpiece based on a novel by Stanislaw Lem.
Films will be shown in their original language with subtitles in Turkish. For further information and the full program, go to